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Warning notice

Published: 14-08-2018
Warning Notice – DO NOT USE Victualic SC77 Couplings with Plasson Fittings

Warning Notice - Reminder

2nd May 2011

Plasson 7320 and 17320 Shouldered Adaptor Fittings are not suitable for use with Victaulic® Style SC77 Flexible Couplings (Installation Ready Style). 
The SC77 style coupling from Victaulic is designed only for use with Victaulic fittings according to the installation instructions from the Victaulic web site1. The geometry of this coupling is not suitable for use with Plasson shouldered fittings as the oval shape of the housing keys result in areas of reduced overlap with the shoulder on the Plasson fitting. This creates excessive stresses in the Plasson fitting and could lead to joint failure. 
Testing by Plasson indicates that assemblies made with our fittings and this coupling do not comply with the performance requirements of the Australian Standard for fittings for use with polyethylene pipe AS/NZS4129-2008. 
Plasson holds Standards mark license 2018 for our polyethylene pipe fittings and the shouldered adaptor fittings are rated for 1600 kPa working pressure with a design life of 50 years. 

Image of SC77 coupling showing areas with reduced overlap due to the oval design of the fitting.

  • Do not use this style of fitting with Plasson shouldered adaptors
  • Only use shouldered couplings that provide a constant overlap with the Plasson shoulder when installed and have the following maximum internal diameter of the clamping key
          o 50 NB Shoulder – 63mm
          o 100 NB Shoulder – 117mm

Note: Plasson fittings have been tested and approved for use with couplings from: 

                  o Klambon
                  o Minsup Shouldered
                  o Ever

All have a significantly increased overlap behind the shoulder of the Plasson fitting than the Victaulic SC77 coupling and have performed safely for at least 20 years in Australian mining applications with Plasson fittings.