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Plasson Supports Charity Ride

Plasson helped raising money to support local communities in Tasmania.

Throughout seven days in December last year, a group of like-minded people rode 1,000 kilometres across Tasmania and climbed 13,000 metres to raise awareness for mental health issues and suicide prevention.

Plasson supports charity ride

One of the initiators is Jason Lanham, who is the General Manager of Tasmanian-based Hudson Civil Products, a large and loyal distributor of the Plasson suite of products. Plasson Australia contributed $500 to the final amount of almost $22,000 that was raised and donated to the local charity “Speak up Stay ChatTy”.

Jason Lanham and Hudson Civil Products owner Michael Hudson have developed a supportive work relationship with the Plasson team, and in particular, with its Regional Manager Myles Beutler, and they appreciate Plasson’s service excellence and stock availability.    

“We from Plasson were immediately excited about the charity ride to raise money for a good cause. It’s a great initiative for us to support local communities,” says Myles.

Jason and Michael rode together with Kane Sanders, who is a friend of Jason. Kane was struggling with mental health issues since his brother took his own life in 1989. Not long ago, Kane experienced work issues which eventually, were the straw that broke the camel’s back and time to get help. The biggest support came from Jason who said: “Why don’t we go for a ride just to chat”. The idea escalated rather quickly, and they decided to ride around Tasmania to raise funds and awareness for mental health.

Despite the rain, snow and hail that came with the seven days of continued riding on average 142 kilometres and 2000 metres of climbing, everyone knew that it would be okay once they finished.

“The biggest learning from the ride was that you could push yourself further than you think you can,” says Jason. “The ride was no different to life really, we had our ups and downs but what got us all through the ride was the group of people, the support from each other and the conversations along the way.”